Best time to visit Canada

Winter in Canada

The weather between the East and West Canada can be quite different, the wide-ranging country offers many climate conditions. With freezing winters, colorful autumns, humid summers, and beautiful springs – Canada has the variety for the weather, outdoor activities and endless events to choose from. Depending on your reason for traveling – leisure, winter sports, camping or summer festivals Canada has the weather and season for everything. There are no bad months to visit although some are preferred more than others.

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Visiting Shannon Falls in Squamish

The Shannon falls in Squamish is a must-see location for all nature lovers. The main camping season of Shannon falls is from March to October. The location offers – hiking trails, cycling roads and rock climbing opportunities. For those who simply want to relax and enjoy the scenery Shannon Park has wildlife viewing sites as well as picnic areas.

As this area gets really busy during the high season, we recommend making your reservations in advance especially if you are planning to visit with a group of people.

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