Who needs an eTA for Canada?

All travelers (except USA passport holders) who wish to visit Canada for more than 90 days or the reason for traveling is different than the reasons provided above will need to apply for a Visa. If you have applied for an eTA you do not need to apply for a Visa, the same applies for the Visa, if you have applied for a regular visa you do not need to apply for an eTA. If you are a holder of a different type of passport or wish to travel to Canada for work or studies you may need to apply for a Visa. The Visa application process will take you more time than applying for an eTA, also you may need to provide photos, work permits, fingerprints or study permits. The process of applying for a Visa to Canada requires providing information to obtain the travel document and answering some questions upon your arrival to the security officers at the airport.

If you have a Canadian or dual nationality, or your are a permanent resident of Canada, you won’t be able to apply for an eTA and you will have to present a valid Canadian passport to board your flight to Canada.

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